Prescient: An Intelligent Agent for Oil Analysis


Prescient: An Intelligent Agent for Oil Analysis - Veloxiti, inc.Modern oil analysis was first commercialized over 50 years ago.  Then, as now, equipment operators were concerned about the specific tests used for oil analysis and the cost of these tests.  However, testing is only one aspect of oil analysis.  Equally important are the analysis and interpretation of test results.  Prescient is an intelligent agent for analyzing the results obtained from performing laboratory tests on oil samples. 


An intelligent agent simulates the behavior and decisions of a human, whether in battle field operations, medical diagnosis, or equipment condition assessment.  Intelligent agents behave intelligently because they incorporate domain knowledge provided by experts.  Prescient uses equipment condition monitoring knowledge to reliably interpret oil test data.


Evaluation – the generation of an equipment condition advisory – is a rarely discussed aspect of oil analysis.  Usually it is “free”, meaning that evaluation is included with oil sample testing.   Veloxiti believes that there has been too much emphasis on sending in samples and collecting reports and too little emphasis on accurate and consistent analysis of test data.   Prescient has two key value propositions.  For testing lab operators, Prescient provides a means for reliably automating test evaluation, resulting in considerably lower operational costs.    For end users, Prescient has a different yet perhaps more significant value:  it provides reliable and repeatable evaluation results for every sample, every time even for global organizations that use labs scattered across the world. 


Prescient employs a two step evaluation process.  The first step is statistical analysis to flag contaminants which exceed limits established through analysis of customer data.  This statistical process considers both trends measured over many months and unacceptable excursions in contaminant levels.   Prescient then uses its expert knowledge base to interpret the contaminant patterns discovered through lab testing and statistical analysis.   Like an experienced oil analyst, Prescient is “smart enough” to understand how flagged contaminants (e.g., Fe and Si) may be interpreted together with up to four phase interactions.   Prescient not only diagnoses and recommends corrective actions but also explains the reasons for its assessment.

Prescient: An Intelligent Agent for Oil Analysis - Veloxiti, inc.


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