Software Development Tools

Software Development Tools

Open source software is available everywhere
Veloxiti has a unique perspective towards software development. Our development tools are open source, but they are not commodities.  We provide development tools and services focused on implementation of intelligent systems.

Tier 1:  DF (Data Fusion) Module
Our data fusion module leverages an open-source message bus to simplify the integration of data from multiple sources and systems.  We use a technique known as code generation  to streamline system development.

Tier 2:  KM (Knowledge Management) Module
Gathering and organizing expert knowledge is the first step in development of an intelligent system. Our KM module is a document management platform for organizing and synthesizing information using a taxonomy tailored however the user wishes.

Tier 3:  EI (Enterprise Intelligence) Module
Veloxiti’s Enterprise Intelligence module is an Eclipse-based development toolkit and a high-performance cognitive engine for building intelligent systems. Our approach is founded on the Belief-Desires-Intention (BDI) model, the conceptual framework most often used for programming intelligent agents. Our toolkit integrates graphic tools and an innovative domain-specific programming language to simplify implementation.