Equipment Condition Analysis

Equipment Condition Analysis Image of the internal workings of a vehicle

Equipment Condition Analysis

The contaminants in a used lubricant sample tell a story…

Doctors perform blood tests to check for medical problems.

Mechanics and equipment maintainers test lubricants such as engine oil and transmission fluid to check for problems. Contaminants such as wear metals (iron, copper, lead, aluminum), glycol, and water provide important information about  a device’s condition.

Veloxiti’s partner, Spectro Scientific, has developed a game-changing “suitcase lab”  for testing oil on-site rather than at remote laboratories. Using the 20+ data points generated by this test kit, Veloxiti’s software provides detailed analytical reports for mechanics and maintainers.

This revolutionary hardware-software system is being adopted by the U.S. military and is being distributed commercially as VehicleDNA