Cyber Security

With Cyber Security, Knowledge is the key

Veloxiti creates software that captures the deep knowledge of domain experts. To support development of intelligent cyber security applications, we leverage a team of cyber security professionals.

Mr. Ross Everett, Veloxiti’s Director of Cyber Security, has 30+ years experience in information technology and cyber security. He is a cross functional expert with experience in risk management, network architectures, software security, cryptography and security training.

ISC2 is an internationally recognized governing body in cyber security, and Mr. Everett is one of a handful of ISC2 Authorized Security Instructors. This certification is the Gold Standard of Cyber Security Certifications. Mr. Everett holds botht the CISSP and also certifications for both Architecture and Management. He travels the world providing week long security boot camps to security professionals.

Veloxiti is uniquely qualified for development of custom cyber security applications.