Our revolutionary tool suite of customized AI solutions includes:

  • VELOX.engine™ – A core cognitive system based on the OODA Loop  (Observe / Orient / Decide / Act)
  •™ – An integrated development environment
  • VELOX.dat™ – A unique data visualization application that shows how the Intelligent Agent is “thinking” via the Observe-Orient Graph and the Decide-Act Graph
  • VELOX.ips– The intelligent service tool kit which enables mobile devices to receive the right information at the right time, regardless of bandwidth or location
  • Warfighter Associate


Easy to use, intuitive, and incredibly fast, VELOXITI has for the first time taken the design and development of Intelligent Associates out of the hands of a select few highly specialized Knowledge Engineers and now makes it available to any experienced Programmer familiar with Java.



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VELOXITI.  Thinking software.  Intelligent Decisions.