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Given the capabilities of these baseline technologies, Veloxiti is well positioned for integrating cognitive computing in numerous DoD programs.

We will support the design and implementation of future systems that operate on any command and control platform. These systems will consider Commander’s Intent, constantly changing battle space and individual soldier state to optimize the ability to perform mission command in any situation regardless of environment.

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Recently Funded Efforts

Tactical Mobile Infrastructure Management Suite: A Tool for Managing Mobile Devices Within Tactical Missions (TIMMS)

The supported customer is US Central Command, the warfighting four star HQs directing the fight in the Middle East. We are building two devices for Special Forces to carry into battle that will increase the team’s situational understanding of the enemy and civilians around them using cell phone technology. This will be a product that we can commercialize and sell to other services and other countries in the FMS/ Security assistance programs.

Army solider on the radio.

Velox Toolset Commercial Software Engineering Framework

VELOX Toolset is a commerical software engineering framework for building intelligent systems that adapt continuously to endlessly changing situations. VELOX toolset is not a solution in itself but it does provide the core components for rapid and cost effective development of intelligent systems. The product is initially being marketed and deployed in the US and EU markets.

Development of Cyber Protection Team Agents using Advanced Cognitive Software sponsored by Army Research Lab

We are building Intelligent Agents in the Cyber domain to assist soldiers and operators when their operations come under attack by our advisories. The project was successful enough that some of the work was transitioned to the commercial company Veloxiti AI Works supporting our fortune 500 partner.

Army plane cockpit

DARPA ALIAS program Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

Autonomy and Advanced Controls, Mission Systems Integration, Decision aiding software for the UH-60 and C-130 military aircraft. The knowledge-based cognitive engine provides intelligent situation assessment, planning, and procedure assistance loaded on the aircraft’s onboard systems.

Joint Forward Observer (JFO) / Squad Smart

Simulations-based training sponsored by Army Research Lab. This call for a fire training system has been delivered to Fort Sill, OK for use by the Advanced Individual Training for soldiers entering the Field Artillery observer positions. We are also transitioning this effort in the Virtual Simulation for the US Army for Infantry soldiers and have funding programmed to support this effort over the next three years. This new program is called Squad SMART. This project has real commercial opportunities as the military transitions to virtual battlespace for collective training and is well funded.

Application of Associate System Technologies for Stability and Security Operation sponsored by Army Research Lab

The objective of this collaborative research program is to perform experimentation to address research questions about the influence of human – artificial intelligence (AI) interaction on training effectiveness and human performance. Specifically, how do humans learn from and interact with AI. This comprised of the Associate AI and data mining capability for use with the Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) in experimentation to address research questions about human – AI teaming and training effectiveness. This project has transition opportunities as ATAK is the new command and control system replacing CPOF and Blue force tracker in the US Army next year.

CERDEC Space Terrestrial & Communications Directorate

US Army RDECOM – CERDEC APG, Maryland S6 I-DECIDE: An Intelligent Agent for Network Management. The S6 integrates many disparate tools into a single UI to monitor, and maintain the various networks that comprise the battlespace network. The S6 associate is currently in test and evaluation with FORSCOM units in exercise environments.

Army Research Organization Improved Fusion Algorithm System SBIR phase II

The project developed techniques for integrating knowledge-based techniques with a statistical approach known as Conditional Value at Risk (CVAR). Originally developed to assess risk in asset and portfolio management, this statistical approach was proven to be better than traditional volatility metrics.

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