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Ethical and Trustworthy AI Tech Deployed by WorldWatch Plus and Veloxiti AI Works

Feb 16, 2020

WorldWatch Plus, a leader in global risk and identity screening solutions, and Veloxiti AI Works, a leader in cognitive AI software, today announced a strategic partnership to further develop AI applications for KYC risk management and background screening. Part of the growing Atlanta tech community, the companies have collaborated for three years developing artificial intelligence in the WorldWatch Plus KYC & Risk Screening platform.

The WorldWatch Plus platform is an award-winning solution for KYC Risk and KYC Identity solutions for pre-employment, financial, and commercial due-diligence risk screening. Veloxiti, a leader in AI development for U.S. Department of Defense applications, made WorldWatch Plus one of its first commercial application partnerships.

First public appearance

CEOs Chuck Papageorgiou from WorldWatch Plus and Larry Lafferty from Veloxiti will discuss the practical implications of ethical and trustworthy uses for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Intelligence Augmentation (IA) at the Synapse Summit, February 11-12 in Tampa, Florida.

They will discuss how WorldWatch Plus incorporated the Veloxiti AI engine with its machine learning, natural language processing, and heuristic engines to create AIVAa – the artificial intelligence virtual adjudication agent. AIVAa replaces manual human analysis of unstructured information like media articles and enforcement actions.

“Technology matters,” said Papageorgiou. “It enables us to deploy innovative solutions that help our clients work faster and smarter and maintain compliance with regulations and risk management policies. Our clients can operate 75% faster than with legacy solutions using outdated tech, and that is only the beginning of our journey with Veloxiti’s military-grade AI tech.”

Technology driving business success

WorldWatch Plus delivers global risk information about individuals and businesses that eliminates the noise and false positives the hinder other solutions in the marketplace.

“We are very excited to see how WorldWatch Plus is using our technology to help clients,” said Lafferty. “Because queries about people or organizations typically return multiple ‘hits’ we use a graph knowledge base and advanced decision processing algorithms to apply a set of heuristics to resolve identities. This approach allows us to further screen out sources not relevant to a query.”

The Synapse Summit is an annual gathering of entrepreneurs and innovators, corporations, service providers and government officials at Amalie Arena in Tampa. Synapse Florida runs innovation challenges, professional networks, and special events like the Summit to foster the growing technology and innovation communities in Florida.

About WorldWatch Plus

WorldWatch Plus serves background screening, due diligence firms, financial, and corporate clients requiring global sanctions, PEP, adverse media, and ID verification services. WorldWatch Plus searches data from thousands of agencies in fractions of a second. The solution eliminates false positives to accelerate hiring or customer due diligence (CDD) processes. The company was named twice to the Inc. 5000, twice named a Top 10 KYC Solution Provider by Banking CIO Outlook, a Top 10 Innovative Company in Georgia, and added to the NICE Actimize X-Sight financial crime management marketplace. To learn more, visit

About Veloxiti AI Works

With a foundation of advanced artificial intelligence techniques developed over many years with the U.S. Department of Defense, Veloxiti continues to be on the leading edge of advanced command and control solutions. Veloxiti now brings these advanced capabilities to the commercial marketplace. With Veloxiti AI Works solutions, human decision-making can be greatly enhanced, skilled workers’ performance amplified, and the promise of Big Data based solutions made a reality. To learn more, visit

Innovation Approaches to Army Oil Analysis

Oct 31, 2018

Veloxiti’s John Merrihew, Vice President of Government Solutions, speaks on the topic of innovation approaches to army oil analysis. Click here to view.

Market Insights at The AI Summit

Sep 13, 2018

Veloxiti Inc. will be gathering market insights and meeting with potential customers while attending The AI Summit 2018 in San Francisco, CA, Sept 18-20. The AI Summit is one of the largest artificial intelligence conferences in the country. The company is seeking AI projects in the planning phase who need AI engineering consultants.

Veloxiti is a small team and dedicated to agile processes based on vast experience over other cognitive solutions consulting firms. The team has developed its 30 year successful reputation for designing and building multi-agent systems in both the commercial and DoD sectors. Additionally, Veloxiti offers their recently updated cognitive development stack for complex environments where artificial intelligence needs broad capabilities.

Cognitive agents synchronize with your human user to assist and recommend wherever humans needs help. Cognitive agents pick up delicate changes in the environment not detected by humans, identify the problems and assist users in crafting a solution. This type of cognitive agent is referred to as an “associate” due to its situational assessment and recommendation abilities that ensures cooperation between humans and their computers or network.

If your team is interested in meeting in SF next week at the event or at your office, please email our strategic marketing and business development representative: David Geddes, to setup a brief meeting or full presentation.

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Photos courtesy of AI Summit

Visit the AI Summit website for more information:


Feb 6, 2018

OODA Loop graph

Win or die: the stakes are high in air-to-air combat. Originally created by a fighter pilot, USAF Colonel John Boyd, the OODA loop (Observe-Orient, Decide-Act) captures fundamental ideas about problem solving in continuously changing circumstances. Survival in combat – and success in business – depends on making the right decisions, faster than your competitors.

The OODA loop formalizes a way of thinking about situation assessment (Observe-Orient) and context sensitive action (Decide-Act). It forms the basis for Intelligent Systems that can replicate the way people think – like those from VELOXITI™.

Following its widespread adoption in the armed forces, the OODA Loop concept is now being used in commercial settings, and Veloxiti provides the technology needed for rapidly building and deploying intelligent systems for winning in business.

Contact us to learn more about incorporating our advanced predictive analytics-based intelligent agents and associates into your company.

Veloxiti at the AUSA Innovator’s Corner

Mar 30, 2016

Veloxiti’s own John Merrihew spoke at the AUSA Conference in Huntsville, AL this month on the topics of decision-support software agents for ISR management, and innovation approaches to army oil analysis. The video is linked here for your convenience.

Veloxiti Presentation at the 2015 AUSA Conference

Oct 14, 2015

Veloxiti was on-site at this year’s AUSA conference to share our passion for intelligence software. Veloxiti VP of Product John Merrihew gives a brief presentation. Click here to view.

DARPA’s Digital Co-pilot Will “Transform” Pilots

Aug 5, 2015

“CBS The Morning” aired a segment regarding recently regarding the ALIAS project. View the full article and video here.

ALIAS Prepares for Accelerated Take-Off

Jul 9, 2015

A post has been made on main DARPA page regarding the ALIAS automation initiative. Veloxiti is pleased to be a part of the Sikorsky team on this project as lead in knowledge acquisition. The full post can be found here.

VELOXITI at the AUVSI Trade Show

May 7, 2015

Veloxiti was proud to be a part of this year’s AUVSI trade show. Our own, John Merrihew was on-hand to show others in the industry what we’ve been working on without artificial intelligence techniques and software. It was also a great opportunity to explore the comprehensive collection of other unmanned systems for all domains. We’ll see you next year!

John Merrihew at the AUVSI trade show.

VELOXITI to Participate in Army Warfighting Exercise with Intelligent Network Management Tool

Mar 26, 2015

Read the press release here.

Veloxiti Promotes Elizabeth Valenti to Vice President of Corporate Operations

Feb 17, 2015

Read the press release here.

Beth Valenti

Veloxiti Names Larry Lafferty Chief Executive Officer and President

Jan 31, 2015

Read the press release here.

Larry Lafferty

Veloxiti’s Appearance on “21st Century Business TV” To Air Nationwide on May 11th and July 26th

May 29, 2014

The “21st Century Business TV” interview with Veloxiti CEO Don Turner will be airing once again on Sunday, July 26th on Bloomberg. A press release for this segment can be found here.

VELOXITI Presents at Big Data Atlanta

Dec 18, 2013

VELOXITI President & CEO Don Turner recently presented at Big Data Atlanta on Role of Artificial Intelligence in Big Data Solutions.

Signal Soldier “Associate” Provides Real-Time Network Diagnostics

Nov 20, 2013

VELOXITI’s further work with CERDEC on intelligent associates is highlighed in an article here on the U.S. Army site. The document is available here.

VELOXITI Releases New Aviation Paper

Oct 7, 2013

VELOXITI is pleased to release a new paper on adaptive distributed aviation asset optimization effectiveness. The document is available here.

VELOXITI Releases New S-6 Associate Whitepaper

Oct 7, 2013

VELOXITI has released a new whitepaper for review. This document focuses on a unified approach to uilding and managing Network Operating Environments within the context of tactical missions and other warfighting functions. Click here to read the full whitepaper.

VELOXITI Featured in Signal Online

Oct 3, 2013

VELOXITI’s groundbreaking work on intelligent systems to aid Signal Officers is featured here in a recent Signal Online article.

VELOXITI Speaking at Kettering Executive Network

Apr 4, 2013

VELOXITI Government Systems VP John Merrihew will be speaking on the topic of “Managing at the Speed of Change” at the upcoming April 5th KEN meeting.

VELOXITI Speaking to UGA AI Students

Apr 4, 2013

VELOXITI is honored to be guest speakers addressing the University of Georgia AI Colloquia. CEO Don Turner and Senior Engineer Eric Drucker will be presenting a talk titled “Software that Thinks: Artificial Intellgience at VELOXITI, Inc.”. Click here for the complete schedule and additional speakers.

VELOXITI Chairman Speaks at KEN

Mar 22, 2013

VELOXITI Chairman Norman Geddes will be speaking on the topic of “What’s Up with Big Data: Big Data and AI” at the upcoming KEN meeting.

VELOXITI Executes Joint Venture Agreement With Thoughtronix to Meet Growing Demand for Market Intelligence

Jan 16, 2013

Strategic relationship aims to address growing problem of big data. Click here for the full press release.

VELOXITI Featured at the Atlanta Business Chronicle

Nov 25, 2012

VELOXITI is proud to have been featured in a current article appearing on the Atlanta Business Chronicle website. Staff writer Urvaksh Karkaria discusses VELOXITI’s history and techology in an quick and insightful piece. You can read the full atricle here.

Applied Systems Intelligence, Inc. is now VELOXITI, Inc.

Oct 8, 2012


Applied Systems Intelligence, Inc., recognized throughout the industry as a leader in innovative intelligent processing solutions, has taken up a new mantle as VELOXITI, Inc. The same expertise and dedication our clients have come to expect with continue as we push into exciting new horizons with a renewed passion and sleek new branding to match.