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The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Solutions Is Here

When you think of artificial intelligence, generally you think of it as being ready for practical use in the future. The simple fact is, that future is here and now. Veloxiti Inc. is a company with over 27 years of experience in cognitive solutions for Government and Commercial problems. Our intelligent agent toolkit helps us build integrated systems faster, better and at lower cost than any of our competitors throughout the tech community. We work with our customers shoulder-to-shoulder to ensure that our software is fully integrated with your IT systems and business processes. Our work is always custom tailored to solve your particular needs.

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Efficient and secure real-time communication between applications


A multi-part tool including vExtract, vGraph, and vMetrics


A tool to build analytics on user efficiency with interactive programs


A cognitive engine that can monitor, analyze, decide and act

Asian & Australian Markets

Veloxiti Asia is the exclusive Southeast Asia partner of Veloxiti, Inc. Veloxiti is a U.S. based company that develops innovative Artificial Intelligence solutions to a variety of marketplaces.

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