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Intelligent Information Management.  In conjunction with the U.S. Army, Veloxiti has invested deeply in creating Intelligent Associate solutions that both provide a more complete picture of the battle space and deliver tactically appropriate recommendations for action.

 VELOXITI makes military systems work better by making them smarter and faster.


Currently in test and evaluation is the Warfighter Associate integrated within the Command Post of the Future (CPOF).  This Intelligent Associate solution provides two key benefits for the Commander:

  •  Prioritized Situational Awareness - Makes the Commander aware of the most significant events taking place based on awareness of ground and air assets, current and near future actions expected to be taken, and monitoring of all DoD and Intel chat rooms - thus eliminating the traditional information "stovepipes."
  • Recommended Actions to be Taken - Provides recommendations as to how best to respond to the most significant events taking place based on Army doctrine, Battle Drills, orders of the day, and SME experiences.


From the Command Post to the edge of the battlefield, Warfighter Associate systems help the Warfighter manage complex situations.  With the introduction of the new tablet-based Warfighter Associate solution, the Warfighter is armed with the most relevant information regardless of echelon or location.


Intelligent Aviation Decision Support.  VELOXITI Principals have been pioneers in the application of intelligent systems to aviation beginning with the Pilots Associate.

 VELOXITI stands out both for its unique "rapid development" technical approach, and for its strong domain expertise in Mission Command and Aviation.  Our ability to quickly build applied solutions for fielded Army Command and Control platforms being used by today's soldiers and aviators and tomorrow's battle space is unparalleled.  While others are putting the finishing touches on their PowerPoint presentations we are demonstrating working intelligent solutions.


 No other small company or university can bring together the recent combat experience in asymmetric warfare, a robust background in systems such as Command Post of the Future and FBCB2 (Blue Force Tracker), and the unique ability to integrate new approaches to decision aiding in these complex environments.

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