Our Board of Directors

Leadership, experience, expertise, wisdom, pioneering, innovative thinking – these are the attributes that collectively make up VELOXITI's Board of Directors and mirror the engine of resources that drives VELOXITI's Clients to success.


His ground-breaking work has received numerous accolades, including the Grover Bell Award, NASA's 2005 National Group Achievement Award, and the Spirit of Endeavor Award on two separate occasions—including Technology Innovator of the Year in 2010.

Dr. Geddes began his career in 1971 as a Naval Aviator, completing tours as a jet flight instructor and project test pilot at the Naval Air Development Center. Later, he led advanced avionics development and systems engineering at Marconi Avionics, Inc., making several key technical contributions to human interaction with complex systems and simulations.   He then found Applied Systems Intelligence in 1990, which in 2012 evloved into VELOXITI

A patent holder of real-time dynamic models of intentions as applied to supply chain, intelligent network, and dynamic business process management, Dr. Geddes holds advanced degrees from Georgia Tech and the University of West Florida, and a Bachelor's in Physics from Rice. Active in the local technology community, Dr. Geddes is a member of the IEEE Computer Society and the Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group in AI and Human Computer Interaction.


With a distinguished mark on the Atlanta information technology community spanning three decades, Richard Cook is a widely respected leader, visionary, and strategist. As a VELOXITI Director since 2012, his experiences and insights have played an important role in providing powerful decision-making technology to the public and private realms.

Spending 25 years at IBM, Mr. Cook rose from an application programmer to executive positions where he managed IT, Production Control, QA, plant engineering, purchasing, and site operations – at the time of the personal computer's introduction – before ultimately retiring as the Director of the Atlanta Software Development Library.

Mr. Cook completed his distinguished career by serving as Director, President and CEO of MAPICS for 12 years where he managed its 1993 IPO before successfully selling it to Private Equity in 2005.

A graduate of Florida Atlantic University, where he is a Business School Hall of Fame inductee, Mr. Cook has continued his industry leadership by serving as an executive consultant to high-tech companies, offering guidance on strategic planning and C-level executive roles. In addition to his place on the VELOXITI Board, Mr. Cook holds board positions with several IT organizations, is an enrichIT Advisory Board member, and an Advisory Board Fellow for CEO Ventures.


With a distinguished career in both the public and private sectors, including service in the US Navy, William J. Hudson, Jr. helps guide the ground-breaking development of artificial intelligence decision-making as a VELOXITI Board Director.

Immediately after college, Mr. Hudson was commissioned as Ensign in the US Navy where he served on the USS Phillip in the Western Pacific and at Pearl Harbor while developing his leadership, logistics, and decision-making skills. Following his military service, Mr. Hudson joined the management training program at Leeds & Northrup Co. where he was assigned to Research in developing the first solid state computing device for process control.

Mr. Hudson then rose through the ranks of AMP Incorporated, where through a series of promotions, he ran three product development groups, received 11 patents, headed an SBU, ran the Asia/Pacific region while living there for eight years, was Executive VP International, and ultimately served as CEO and President until retiring after 38 years with the company.

An electrical engineering graduate from Cornell who also studied for an MBA at Drexel, Mr. Hudson has also shared his expertise and insights while serving on a number of boards in the commercial and high-tech industries.


An unrepentant entrepreneur, Scott Hudson de Tarnowsky has been involved in data and database imaging for three decades. After serving in an advisory role, Mr. Hudson de Tarnowsky became a VELOXITI Director in 2012. 

After completing college, he founded Integrated Business Designs to provide database solutions to the securities and telecommunications industry, and later joined KC-CO, LLC to design and implement derivative trading and risk management applications. Following KC-CO, LLC’s merger with S.G. Warburg & Co., Mr. Hudson de Tarnowsky served as Derivatives Trading Training Officer and Director of U.S. Over-the-Counter Exotic Derivatives Trading. He left these posts to run the Cumnor Group family of hedge funds until joining Direct Data Communication in Atlanta. He also founded Ealanta, LLC in 2012. 

Mr. Hudson de Tarnowsky is a director and officer of Gathering 4 Gardner, Inc., which hosts a biannual, internationally-attended conference to promote the lucid exposition and discussion of new ideas with leaders and luminaries of recreational mathematics, magic, puzzles and philosophy. 

A Cornell University graduate with an MBA in Finance from Emory, Mr. Hudson de Tarnowsky is extensively involved with the community. A director at the Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition, he has also held seats on the Chicago Board Options Exchange and Chicago Mercantile Exchange and lectured internationally.


With a passion for innovatively growing companies, Don Turner is a nationally recognized technology strategist and serial entrepreneur with experience in both the private and public sectors. His proven track record of successfully leading start-ups and multi-billion-dollar public corporations across a broad range of technology marketplaces spans two decades of turning around challenged companies, revitalizing established companies, and elevating organizations.

A dynamic Team builder with a hands-on style, Mr. Turner incorporates a Customer-centric and systematic approach to management while also drawing upon his strong background in process engineering and computer simulation where he pioneered several revolutionary methodologies. Specializing in revenue growth through innovative marketing, financial improvement, and organizational revitalization has allowed him to lead companies into their next evolutionary stage of success, and his strategic vision and decision-making abilities have accelerated companies wherever he's been.

Don was an early member of the pioneering technology strategy team at Booz-Allen & Hamilton and was at several boutique firms. Additionally, he also has been Group President at a public telecommunications company, Chief Strategist of a billion-dollar public company where he architected the IPO, and CEO/General Manager for eight different emerging technology companies. 

Mr. Turner is a graduate of General Motors Institute with an MBA from the University of Michigan, where he also completed a dual Master's Thesis in benchmarking computer simulation languages.


At VELOXITI, we believe that as computers continue to get smaller, faster and more affordable; they will increasingly help people make better, faster, more comprehensive decisions. We are passionate about creating and deploying these intelligent systems.