Our Vision, Mission, and Values


At VELOXITI, we envision a future where Computers are more than massive number crunchers. We see – and are working towards – a reality where Computers that "think" like people improve the lives of people and make their organizations more profitable and productive. We believe these thinking solutions can provide significant value across a broad range of markets and applications.


Our mission is to create and deliver solutions that help people make better, faster, more comprehensive decisions. We accomplish our mission by creating the easiest, most intuitive, and most capable intelligent solutions development environment – allowing a broader cross-section of professionals to create and deliver the best data-driven results. Further, we will use these same solutions to bring "software intelligence" to selected markets ourselves.


At VELOXITI, every Team Member will embrace and respect the following Values which will drive how we conduct ourselves: 

  • Act with Integrity in All We Do. We will act with integrity and be honest with each other and all those with whom we come into contact. 
  • Relentless Focus on Customer Loyalty. We will focus every interaction, process, and Team Member on ensuring a Customer experience that is above all others in the industry, resulting in unparalleled Customer loyalty. 
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit. We will foster a "can-do" entrepreneurial spirit with speed and flexibility in all we do. As we grow, we will continually nurture small company enthusiasm while embracing change in our world, markets, and Customers as an opportunity to evolve. Change is our ally, and progress is our mantra. 
  • Commitment to Product Quality and Innovation. We will strive to have the best product Quality in the industry while building on our history of innovation. We will be known by our Customers and our Competitors as the leader in new ideas. 
  • Team-based Environment. We will cultivate an environment where people enjoy working. We will operate as a cohesive Team with all this implies – mutual accountability, trust and cooperation. 
  • Continual Process Improvement. As we do with our Customers, we will seek to improve our own processes and performance each and every day – making them more effective and more efficient. We will embrace mistakes as a learning opportunity – without placing blame – to improve the process, and the customer experience.
  • Open, Honest, Timely Communication. We will communicate both in and outside our company in an open and timely manner.


At VELOXITI, we believe that as computers continue to get smaller, faster and more affordable; they will increasingly help people make better, faster, more comprehensive decisions. We are passionate about creating and deploying these intelligent systems.