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Learn more about how VELOXITI injects "thinking" into successful and affordable solutions for your business needs. Gain a greater understanding of artificial intelligence and the OODA Loop (Observe / Orient / Decide / Act), and learn how applying our customized, innovative intelligent agents can revolutionize your impact and position in your markets.








VELOXITI - and through its predecessor organization Applied Systems Intelligence - has been on the forefront of understanding how intelligent agent technology can be applied across a broad range of government and commercial applications.  Following are some videos you may find interesting to help understand the role that intelligent agents can play.

ATC NextGen Overview V8

Those aren't humans speaking? That's right. They are Intelligent Agents interacting with each other.

A major contractor for the FAA came to Veloxiti to help them with a challenge. In simulating a new North American Air Traffic Control System they could simulate all of the "physical" objects - planes, radar spaces, airport logistics, etc. However, they were unsure how to emulate the "humans" - Air Traffic Controllers and Pilots.

In this demonstration remember that the Controllers and Pilots who are dynamically interacting with each other aren't "flesh and blood" but "bits and bytes". We use a "text to speech" synthesizer so humans can "hear" what the agents are saying to each other.