Warfighter Associate

The Warfighter Associate (WA) is an intelligent system that enhances soldier decision making.

Today’s asymmetric battlefield is fundamentally different from conventional conflict. With greater input from more electronic sensors, Battlefield Commanders have more data than ever before. Making sense of all that data is an entirely different issue: today’s high data rates can overwhelm even the most seasoned Commander.

The WA is unique because it focuses on a key set of high-risk situations known as battle drills – events like the detection of an IED, rescue of a pilot, or troops in contact. It was never intended to model the entire world as some systems have attempted.

WA continuously monitors a broad set of data sources, including chat rooms, with respect to the Commander’s Critical Information Requirements. The system integrates these data, provides tailored alerts to the S-2, S-3, S-6, and FSO when significant events occur, and recommends courses of action for dealing with these events.

VELOXITI’s leading-edge artificial intelligence based decision management solutions arm organizations with the most powerful means of utilizing data to achieve their goals.

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